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random • March 12, 2007 3:21 AM I just experienced to jump in with my $0.02 right here. The "freedoms" folks Consider they've listed here in USA are illusions. The (previously standard) appropriate to shield on your own and Your loved ones from intruders is a joke. Together with the law enforcement dept flexibility to burst in unannounced (SWAT, and so on) it is currently basically from the regulation for me to shoot at Adult males in ski masks who have just kicked in my door carrying assault rifles. If I do shoot one particular or many of those Guys since they make their unannounced entry, I'll little doubt be charged with their murder among other items really should it afterwards be learned that they're in truth law enforcement there on authentic enterprise.

There's a name for that: they're mercenaries. Washington would not use that phrase, mainly because it has unfavorable connotations. And very rightly so, because mercenaries cannot be restricted or held to account as proficiently to be a nationwide navy can by its government and its men and women.

Lincoln's problem was the developing menace of our government turning into an Oligarchy. This security pressure acquisition may well just be the camel's nose from the tent.

The DA is highly enthusiastic to keep the law enforcement (his greatest supply of situations to get and thus re-election) satisfied and around the DA's aspect. Impartial investigations (for instance a grand jury) are couple of and much between.

This is simply not about simplistic/childish prejudices. Any individual "approved to exert physical power from other people" have to be stored in place by robust techniques.

And, if there isn't any fires for a number of decades they're going to Lower their firefighting force down to a click here skeleton crew.

"Finest Obtain will probably be attentive to its clients". This can be legitimate, however it's significantly less of a priority than The truth that (insert any Company title in this article) is going to have priorities aligned Along with the stockholders, or if private, the owners.

That is due to the fact lender robberies have gone up by 57% in that very same time, which amounts to every day heists in downtown Manhattan. Kelly blames the trend on banking companies' reluctance to enact security steps... More »

In California, their authority is similar to all publicly used law enforcement officers, nonetheless the way in which it's derived is different. Most law enforcement officers get their authority via a penal code which states, " The next persosn are peace officers, town police deputy sheriff and many others.

But The reality that U.S. citizens have surrendered an enormous number website of freedom in recent memory won't oblige us to surrender but a lot more.

Law enforcement say two other guards fired again with the alleged shooter, putting him. A third particular person was injured by flying glass within the tourist attraction, which generally has higher security. Guard... A lot more »

That'd only seem sensible from each wise standpoint I'm able to think of. Nonetheless, the world doesn't generally stick to my concept of typical sense.

Or at least that is the way it was supposed to/used to be. As far as I'm able to inform, our new, improved freedoms might be summed up Hence:

Nearly all the private security corporations are run by retired police captains and majors similar to a lot of the areas smaller sized law enforcement departments.

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